Maleton Hotel



Service Service price (rub.) Duration
Head massage 200 10 min
Collar zone massage 500 15 min
Stomach modeling 300 7-10 min
Arms massage 650 20 min
Legs massage 850 30 min
Back massage 1000 25 min
Anticellulite massage 2000 45 min
General massage 2500 1:10 min
General massage with anticellulite technique 3 000 1:20 min

Body care

“Beauty” and “health” are concepts interconnected by strong threads. Modern esthetic medicine supposes great number of techniques, which allow to build beauty and healthy body.

Classic massage – massage, which use 4 main techniques: stroking, grinding, vibration and foulage. Classic massage is effective treatment method and prevention of different diseases of supporting-motor system and whole body. This massage procedure is always good addition to the main therapy regimen, where necessary to relax tensed muscles, treat diseased conjunctive tissue or prepare patient for therapeutic exercise.

Cosmetic massage is done on the open skin areas and used for skin condition improvement. Besides, cosmetic massage is done in order to remove cosmetic handicaps and human body defects removal. As a rule, cosmetic massage is given on face, neck and scalp. Cosmetic massage positively effects on not only parts massaged, but also the whole body. Correctly made massage helps metabolism activation, cleans skin, fastens blood circulation, helps to remove products of vital functions out of organism, skin breath relief, and keeps muscles in tone. As a result of such massage procedure mend significantly health of patient, perk up his/her mood, the person becomes vigorous and energetic.

Anticellulite massage is destined to general improvement of blood vessels walls condition, improvement of inflow and outflow of lymphatic and intercellular fluids in whole body with the help of special massage techniques. That leads to fast and positive result: the removal of cellulite and excessive fat depots, and returning to the previous weight.





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